TER Chemicals offers high performance ready-to-use PA12 and PA613 powders for industrial 3D printing. The materials have been developed for common powder bed fusion additive manufacturing processes, such as selective laser sintering (SLS) and high-speed sintering (HSS).

Our INFINAM PA12 and PA613 powders from Evonik

What are INFINAM PA12 and PA613 powders?

Polyamide 12 is a long-chain semicrystalline thermoplastic material with excellent material properties. INFINAM PA12 powders are resistant to many polar and nonpolar solvents, have a low tendency to creep and a high impact strength. Our grades are either reinforced with glass beads (INFINAM PA 6006 P) or have been modified with halogen free flame retardants (INFINAM PA 6004 P). The grades exhibit excellent powder flow properties contributing to a smooth and efficient production process. The materials offer exceptional surface resolution for your components.

Polyamide 613 is a semicrystalline thermoplastic material that combines the material properties of short polyamide chains like high heat resistance, high stiffness in dry conditions with the advantages of long-chain polyamides such as good impact resistance. The low water absorption rate of INFINAM PA 6005 P facilitates the processability in the 3D printing process and enhances the dimensional stability of the printed component. It has been developed especially for higher temperature range applications.

In which applications can INFINAM polyamides be used?

IINFINAM is particularly suitable for manufacturing prototypes, manufacturing of individual units as well as serial parts. INFINAM grades can be used in various demanding applications like lightweight automotive or aerospace parts or metal-free solutions for the oil & gas industry.

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