The Chemical Distributor of Choice

TER Asia Pacific (formerly named TER Hong Kong) acts as the headquarters for us in the region and has been servicing customers, throughout Asia Pacific, with a versatile product portfolio to fulfil individual needs and requirements since 1984. TER Shanghai (founded in 2017), on the other hand, predominantly aims at business endeavors within mainland China.

Our offices in Asia Pacific aim to deliver customers a solution through a wide variety of specialty chemicals, intermediates, chemical additives, plastic additives, special fillers, pigments, food flavors, fragrances, ingredients, nutritional supplements and others. Key industries include adhesives, plastics, coatings, construction, personal care, home care, food, pharmaceuticals and industrial performance.

Key industries include:
Plastics, adhesives (hot melt adhesives, PSA’s, hygiene disposables, road marking, bookbinding, woodworking, product assembly), coatings/paint/inks (graphic arts, wood coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings and electronics), Life science industry,(Pharmaceutical, personal care, food processing, health care, nutrition, home care), construction and metal working. With regard to flavors and fragrances, TER Asia Pacific has had over 20 years of business experience in the market. Having kept long-term cooperative relationships with many world leading suppliers of essential oils and aroma chemicals, we aim to provide our customers with a complete solution with the best services and high-quality products. Our range of aroma chemicals, essential oils, oleoresins and natural products may be used in different applications: soaps, household products, cosmetic products, personal hygiene products, air fresheners, feed additives, candles and much more…

With our local warehousing facilities, we provide flexibility and JIT services to serve our local customers in Asia Pacific.

In addition, based on our European background, we have developed strong relationships and a reliable network in the plastics, chemical and food industries worldwide.

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